Christian intervention program (CIP)

What is CIP?

The CIP is a unique and comprehensive Bible based program designed to instruct the chemically dependent and bring them out of the bondage to alcohol and other drugs. The Lord has given us the authority, tools and ability to make a difference in our communities.

It is estimated that 60,000 people will die of an overdose by the end of this year alone. There is a serious drug and alcohol epidemic sweeping our nation and the current programs are not working. 

Did you know that 45% of all alcohol and drug abusers are white collar workers? We at Anointed Faith Tabernacle of Cuba, MO, have a burden to make a difference. We have started a Christian Intervention Program that is a Bible based program to help the chemically dependent and bring them out of the bondage of alcohol and other drugs.

The lessons are focused on providing real Bible based solutions to the problems and voids in people's lives. This program will encourage people to look much differently at their drug and alcohol problems. The program is designed to bring freedom into the abusers and their family’s lives. It has many life application lessons that teach not just how to stop, but also how to cope with all that life brings you without having to use to get by any more.

If you or someone you know is struggling! If you have any question or would like to sign up for the program! 

Please call us at 1-866-599-2276 Ext. 4 and YOU too can say “No Longer a Slave”